The Liberty Cruiser

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In diesem Jahr haben wir offiziell den Fuß auf amerikanischen Boden gesetzt. Um uns in Amerika vorzustellen, haben wir das limitierte Board “The Liberty Cruiser” entworfen, inspiriert von den Farben der amerikanischen Flagge.

Keines dieser Boards wird exakt gleich sein, da alle WasteBoards handgefertigt sind. Du musst nur noch die mitgelieferten Trucks und RĂ€der selbst anbringen und schon bist du bereit fĂŒr die Fahrt.

Die Lieferzeit: Wir setzen uns nach der Bestellung mit Ihnen in Verbindung und nennen Ihnen den genauen Liefertermin. Enjoy your ride!

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The board has been developed and tested in two years for strength and flexibility. It can withstand more than 400 kilo’s of pressure, contains more than 200 anti-slip studs and we have added a small concave for extra grip. It is the perfect skateboard for cruising and for performing simple tricks. Every WasteBoard is made of plastic caps that we collected at music festivals and by people who are committed to a world without plastic waste. This cruiser board is probably the coolest way to show that you too commit to this.

Weight 1,7 kg / 3.75 pounds
Dimensions   72 × 19 cm / 28.35 × 7.5 inches
Wheels 53 mm
Trucks 5 inch
Bearings ABEC-7


Terms of delivery (in short) No WasteBoard looks the same, it’s unique because it is handmade. So it is possible that as a result of the above, your WasteBoard looks a bit different than the picture you have seen on our website. Although we work very hard for you to deliver your WasteBoard within the agreed time, it is possible that we, as a result of production issues etc., run a little late. We will however, should we not meet the delivery schedules, inform you beforehand. Returning the products After purchasing our products, you (the consumer) have the option to terminate the agreement within 30 days. This period starts on the day you receive the product. During this period you must handle the product and the packaging carefully. You may unpack it and thereby test the suitability of the product, but the product must remain saleble as new. You will not pay more than just the cost of returning the product to us. The full amount paid by you will be reimbursed by us as soon as possible, but at the latest within 14 days after the receipt (and approval) of the return shipment. Safety rules of WasteBoards Although it is fun to do, skateboarding is a dangerous and extreme sport and carries an inherent risk or injury and/ or damage to your health and/or injuries, property or the property of others. Riding a WasteBoard is entirely at your own risk and you assume all liability and responsibility for risks associated by riding a WasteBoard and and/ or her affiliates do not assume any responsibility and/ or warranty/guarantee as to possible damages, material or immaterial. To read full terms of delivery go to ‘general terms’ in the footer of this page.