KARL LAGERFELD skateboard, born from collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Wasteboards

Collaborations and special designs


For the Resort 2023 collection of KARL LAGERFELD we collaborated and made a beautiful original WasterBoard and a unique hand-painted packaging by their Head of Design; Hun Kim. For promotion they shot stunning photography and a movie as part of their lookbook presentation. The WasteBoard is a center piece in the collection and even sold on their international channels and stores.

Karl Lagerfeld collab with WasteBoards logo

Making off video

The limited edition collaboration WasteBoard


Black and White painted special edition gift boxes for Karl Lagerfeld skateboards

Hand painted special edition gift boxes


We even make collaboration boards from a company’s own waste. As for BEAT cycling, we designed a WasteBoard made from their recycled water bottles to create more awareness among cyclists for sustainable behavior. The sign’s design even inspired them to print it on their jerseys and support cars.
With the campaign they attract a lot of attention in the cycling community and in the press. They sold the boards and sweaters in their webshop and in stores.

BEAT logo

BEAT cycling waterbottles

Collected water bottles from BEAT

Detail from the BEAT cycling recycled skateboard deck

Zoom in on the deck design

BEAT cycling team road cyclist in BEAT cycling kit with wasteboard made from recycled water bottles

Campaign photography

The beat cycling team teamcar with roadbikes on the roof

BEAT board design on support cars


For companies and organizations, we make special design WasteBoards based on a preferred color scheme or pattern. Within the limitations of the recycled caps material, we let our imagination go wild to create striking designs. Interested to know more? sven@wasteboards.com

custom made board for Amsterdam

Amsterdam board

custom made wasteboard "flower"

Flower board

Custom wasteboard made from recycled plastic "curve"

Curve board